Grotta area in Naxos Town

Casabella is located at the privileged Grotta area in Naxos Town. Grotta is a quiet place, just five minute walk from Naxos Town port and it offers magnificent views of the sea and the sunset. Casabella is an excellent choice for those who are seeking a tranquile location, in Naxos Town (Hora), close to Apollo Temple and the Venetian Castle.

Naxos Town (Hora)

Naxos Town or Hora, the island's port and capital, is a typical Cycladic town with a maze of narrow streets and tiny passages.

It is a lively town and makes a very good resort. Behind the waterfront an extensive, almost Medieval Old Quarter stretches up the hillside where the Venetian Castle (Kastro) is.

Walking inside and around Castle is a must while the views will take your breath. The Old Town is divided into two neighbourhoods. Brougos where the Greeks lived and the fortified Venetian Castle (or Kastro in Greek) was built under the rule of Marco Sanoudos on the top of a natural hill where the Acropolis of ancient era was. Only two of the seven original seven towers (those of Sanoudo and Glezos families) remain, although the North Gate survives and it is an excellent example of medieval fort entrance. The Venetian Catholic descendants still live in the old mansions which encircle the site. On a square is the Catholic Cathedral (13th century) dedicated to the Virgin.

Portara is the most famous monument in Naxos. It is a gigantic gate, remain of the ancient temple dedicated to Apollo, which was built during the 6th century BC. It is located at the northern part of the port and can be seen from the ships which approach to Naxos.

Naxos Town has some remarkable churches. The oldest church is Panagia Vlacherniotissa with exceptional wooden iconostasis. Panagia Myrtidiotissa church stands on an islet in the port of Naxos and Theologaki chapel is in a cave. Panagia (Virgin) Pantanassa church, once a part of a Byzantine monastery is famous for its early icon of the Virgin.

Naxos Town is the best and most popular resort on Naxos Island

The port & capital of the island. Lively and lovely town with an old town around the medieval Venetian Castle. The daily life of Naxos Town centres on the waterfront and the Old Town, and most of the island amenities are to be found in Naxos Town.

Naxos Town (Hora)